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"Things were not going well. It was August, and my tree from the previous year's Christmas still lay in a heap of brown, dead pine needles in my dark, unused dining room. I was ashamed to take it out to the trash, not wanting my neighbors to see how far I'd fallen, how utterly paralyzed I'd become by my years of excess. Eventually, my wife and I would make a heroic effort to dispose of the incriminating object – chopping it up like a dead body and stuffing it in plastic bags before lugging it in the dead of night a few floors down and leaving it near a known coke dealer's doorway. Let him take the rap, we figured."
(Anthony Bourdain: "Kitchen Confidential")

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Selbes Thema: http://german-bash.org/201160

11.09.2008 / 14:36

Kommentar #2 von Till:

Einfachere Lösung des Problems: aufschieben und dann zeitgenau im Januar entsorgen. (Und über die schlechte Qualität der Weihnachtsbäume jammern).

11.09.2008 / 16:35